Jay-Z Wants People to Know NFL Protests Are About Injustice, Not the Flag, November 16, 2017

The topic of the NFL protests is coming back to the limelight this week, as NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who originally kneeled during the National Anthem last year, covers GQ for their Citizen of the Year issue. On top of that, Jay-Z is using his own platform to clarify the purpose of the protests at his recent 4:44 tour stop.

On Sunday (Nov. 12), the Brooklyn rapper made sure to stress the meaning of players taking a kneel, and explaining how it is strictly about justice and injustice, not the American flag.

"I want y'all to understand… when people are kneeling and putting their fists up and doing what they're doing, it's not about the flag. It's about justice," he explains. "It's about injustice. And that's not a Black or a White thing. It's a human issue. It's a human issue. Everybody should feel the same way. If your 16-year-old child left the house and didn't come back, everyone should be affected. That's not a Black or a White issue. That's a human issue. That's a young person who lost their life senselessly."

Hov has been speaking out on a slew of different issues and topics while on tour recently, as he's also been vocal about Meek Mill's recent prison sentencing, as well as Texans owner Bob McNair's "inmate" comments.

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Blac Chyna


Blac Chyna Discusses Her New Career as a Rapper, November 16, 2017

Blac Chyna has earned her stripes as a renaissance woman.

The 29-year-old has gone from strip club dancer to entrepreneur, all while being a tabloid staple and mother of two children, King, 5; and Dream, 1. She's proven her success as a business owner with Lashed, a full-service salon and cosmetics line in Encino, Calif., but there's more to her story.

Reality TV has afforded her the luxury of becoming a mainstream commodity—soccer moms know all about her link to the Kardashians—while music videos from some of your favorite rappers have given her face time and clout in the rap world—from appearing in her ex-fiancé Tyga's "Rack City" video to her gig as a body double for Nicki Minaj in Kanye West's visual for "Monster." She's even been name-dropped in songs by Drake, 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj, to name a few. Now, with her feet already planted in the game, Chyna looks forward to the next phase of her career.

Three months ago, talk of Blac Chyna transitioning into the music industry as an artist—no longer the video vixen she once was—grew increasingly louder. Last week, a snippet of a song she recorded leaked online. "Pop that pussy like a pistol, yeah," she delivers over a trap-inspired, Mally Mall-produced track. While the unfinished song wasn't supposed to see the light of day, the Virginia native is here to confirm what was once considered a rumor; she's serious about her rap career.

"What even made me start to think about this venture is like, hey, I'm already in the industry and I done kinda reached the highest of the things I was doing," Blac Chyna tells XXL inside her home in Los Angeles. "I'm an entrepreneur, I have a shop, I have Lashed, I have 88 Fin, I done did the TV scene. I done did all that so it"s like, hey, Chyna, what"s your next big thing?

"I told myself it's either two ways you could go with this. You either go music or you could do acting. And I'm like, uh, music. Hello! I'm already around it and most of the people I already know them anyway, so, it should be really easy for me. I feel like if I do need help or if I need mentoring I could call my friends like French [Montana] and Nicki [Minaj] or just whoever for advice and whatnot. I feel like it's the right way to go."

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March 9 marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G., a seismic figure in the world of hip-hop and one of the more historic musical icons of the past quarter-century. With more than 17 million records sold in the U.S. alone, two of the most critically-acclaimed rap albums of all-time, countless classic singles and deep cuts, as well as influencing a number of his peers and predecessors alike, The Notorious B.I.G. is certainly Top 5 D.O.A., and one of the greatest rhymers to spit on wax, bar none. To honor the life and career of Biggie on the 20th anniversary of his death, XXL has created a special hub to reflect on it all. Check it out and make sure to throw up some ice for the nicest MC.

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